myNEWS Cares - A Touch of Humanity

In the course of our business, we continually see opportunities to do a little more. myNEWS is all about touching lives on a daily basis. As an extension of that, myNEWS Cares aims to create deeper meaning beyond our daily interactions. It’s the home of our corporate social responsibility efforts. It’s our way of giving back to the community.

Most of all, it’s an expression of how we operate – with a touch of humanity.

At myNEWS convenience stores, we touch lives in our day-to-day work. And myNEWS Cares tops that by injecting a little heart for our fellow people. Through our CSR initiatives and activities, we aim to be a champion for compassion, welfare and goodwill.

“Allowances That Allow” – a programme that turns loose change, donated at our outlets into pocket money for underprivileged student, and allows them to focus better on their studies and achieve more.

To date, we have collected more than RM 1,337,662.00 from our stores. Over 496 students from 63 schools in Malaysia have benefitted from Allowances That Allow programme so far and the number is still growing! You too can play a part in giving underprivileged Malaysian students a brighter future.

Look out for our donation box in our stores. Drop some spare change in, and watch it add up!

In March this year, we visited UTAR Hospital and contributed RM700 to the development fund. We hope the aid will help the hospital, the staff and the patients attain better healthcare.

*Picture was taken before MCO.

Last November, we visited Kuen Cheng High School in Kuala Lumpur to distribute Allowances That Allow to two lovely girls.

Friendly Cheng Si aspires to be a fashion designer and hopes to further her studies in China. However, she needs to save up money in order to achieve this. If there is balance from her Allowances That Allow, she will save it for her tertiary studies’ fund.

Rou Yi, a bright and cheerful girl loves animals and helping people. Her dream is to open a pets-related restaurant. For now, she is aiming 6A’s for her SPM so she is using the Allowances to buy supplementary books.

Help students like Cheng Si and Rou Yi by donating to the Allowances That Allow donation box at myNEWS outlets.

In November 2019, we invited teachers from 9 educational institutions in Klang Valley for a joint interaction. The meeting was a good opportunity for myNEWS to better understand the education landscape and for the teachers to gain awareness regarding myNEWS’ initiatives and corporate background